How do I use the Essay Wizard?

It's that time of the year again, and you're busy perusing the Internet for the right scholarship, reading the organization's instructions, studying about their values, and over and over again, you see the same requirement—an essay.

To others, an essay is a way to express their thoughts, present their argument, and stir conversations. To some, most especially students, it seems like migraine incarnate. There are so many questions to answer that even starting to write one seems like a daunting task!

That's where the GrantMe's Essay Wizard comes to the rescue! ✨

What is GrantMe's Essay Wizard?

The Essay Wizard is a tool that provides various templates to help you get started in writing your own winning essay. Analyzing the common patterns of winning essays and runner-up scholarship essays from our students, we have crafted well-rounded templates that are sure to hit the mark of the scholarship you're aiming for.

The templates are categorized into three sections—Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. And per section, there are more categories that will help your Introduction best fit the scholarship's prompt! This will make writing your essay a breeze and submitting your requirements easy-peasy.

Great! How do I use it?

Very simple! Which part are you most boggled about? Just click the drop-down menu, and it will allow you to browse the templates for Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

Once done, you can then choose the topic that you found most difficult to tackle with. For this example, let's go with Introduction - Inspiring Person or Event.

It will then show the template—,complete with the default phrases and blank spaces that you need to fill in—and customize it with your own thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Just click on the gray-colored area and write away!

What makes it better is that the Essay Wizard provides suggestions for each blank space! Noice, innit?

Here's a sample of a filled-out template ^

When you're finished, you can either click "Save Template" or "Copy Text."

The first option allows you to obtain a copy of this template without having to go through the whole process again. If there's another scholarship that came up that has a similar prompt to the one you're working on right now, you can then use the saved template of the Intro, Body, or Conclusion and save time thinking and writing the same thing again!

The second option is when you're in a rush, as you're busy studying for finals or working and want to submit your essay for editing. After filling in the spaces, copy the text into your document and viola! Instant essay!

The default phrases don't really apply to my circumstances. Is there any way I can change it?

Yes, you can! After filling in the blanks, you can copy the text, paste it on a document, and make the changes that best fit your character and circumstances!

How do I know which template works best for my essay?

You want to identify first what the scholarship requires. What do they want you to write about?

Does it primarily want to know about your community service or initiatives? The Essay Wizard has multiple Body templates for that!

Does the scholarship want to know about your financial need? The Essay Wizard has a template for that as well!

Do they want to know about your story, values, and interests? The Essay Wizard provides a template for that too!

Won't I lose my "voice" in writing if I constantly use these templates?

The Essay Wizard act more as a support to help you get started on writing your essay and is here to lend you a hand when you're in a creative rut and having a writer's block! That being said, it shouldn't serve as replacements for the way you phrase your circumstance and your initiatives, for example. We respect your style and encourage you to put your own flair to your writing!

But what if I'm too tired from schoolwork or part-time job to think about writing in my "own" style? How can you guarantee that my essay will not look like others'?

After you submit your essays, we have a wonderful and powerful team of essay editors who will provide assistance in sentences you don't feel confident in and topics you find very difficult to understand and write about! Rest assured, GrantMe is working hard to help you achieve your goals debt-free!