When Is The Ideal Time To Join GrantMe

Like the early bird that catches the worm, the student who prepares early gets the scholarship.

See, scholarships need planning and time. We think that Grade 10 is the best time to start, as it gives you plenty of time to build your scholarship portfolio and work on applications. And if you miss an application, you can reapply the following year!

Here are some of other reasons why we recommend starting early:

1. Begin The Transformation Before It Is Too Late

Scholarship committees are looking for students with strong volunteer experiences, excellent character and leadership skills, and solid academic achievement. Having a solid understanding of the scholarship process and excellent writing skills is also a necessity.

Fulfilling this criteria and becoming a strong scholarship candidate won't happen overnight; it takes years to develop! Starting the Scholarship Preparation Program is about becoming the type of student who can win scholarships in Grade 12 and throughout their four years of post-secondary.

2. Your Grade 12 Year Is Too Overwhelming

The biggest feedback from our Grade 12 parents and students is that they wish they had started this program earlier, as this year can be quite stressful! In addition to working on becoming a strong scholarship candidate, you're dealing with university applications and senior year activities like prom and graduation.

Most of our students who win $50,000 to $100,000 have been working on their eligibility since Grade 10. Our Grade 10 students will have the best opportunity to plan for success because they are planning for Grade 11 and Grade 12. If you missed Grade 10, you need to start as soon as possible.

3. Your Last Three Years of Experience Matter Most

It is your most recent three years of experience that matter most to scholarship committees and university admissions teams. If you start in Grade 10, you have the time you need to build your best three-year resume!

Am I Too Late If I Am In Grade 11, 12, or University?

It's never too late to start! Although you are behind, scholarship opportunities remain available throughout your post-secondary education. We have many senior high school students and university students who also enter this program. The key is not waiting any longer to ensure that you don't miss scholarship opportunities and that you are a strong candidate!